Sunday, May 25, 2014

Retreat fun

Recently, just over a week ago, I joined some on line friends in attending a scrapbooking retreat in Qld, on the Sunshine Coast. I've known these girls for some time, but given the distance between us, this is only the third time I have managed to go on retreat with them. They go twice yearly.
Anyway, one of our other on line friends is currently undergoing treatment for leukaemia. She was therefore unable to attend this retreat. We did a couple of things at the retreat to highlight this disease, one of them was to dress in orange, which is the nominated colour (like pink is for breast cancer), and the other was to have a raffle to raise some funds for the leukaemia foundation. We raised something like $340 for the fund, and had a bit of fun dressing in orange. These girls really have a lot of fun with their dress ups, I was only too happy to join in.

The other fun thing we did on the retreat, was to decorate some wooden manequins that one of the girls (heh Tracey), gave us. Initially we kind of all looked at them, and thought what the????????????? But as we relaxed into the weekend, had a few drinks into us and a bit of fun, slowly these little wooden dollies got dressed. I think they are kind of cute, weird, but cute, lol.

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  1. Very imaginative, no doubt the throat lubrication helped things along. LOL